"Telegrafia pentru radioamatorism, este ca sarea în bucate" "Amateur radio without telegraphy is a food tasteless"

Membership rules

PRO-CW-Club the first and only telegraphy club in Roumania, founded 1 January 2000.

 PRO - CW - Club is dedicated to preservation and encouragement the art of TELEGRAPHY  communications. Members my be, and are, welcome from all around the world.

FULL member: 
- any amateur radio which is in present or former professional CW radio operator in any services.
- any amateur radio which get a recommendation of two members or a single recommendation signed by one founder member YO2RR, YO6EX or YP0CW. (Check if you have a QSO with YO2RR, YO6EX, or YP0CW).

ASSOCIATE member: 
- any amateur radio which enjoy telegraphy.
Do not need any recommendation.
Any radio club are welcome.
SWL are welcome.

All applicants will be LIFE MEMBER.

-Some biographical data and a ham radio activity in CW.
-Recommendation(s) if necessary (see rules).
- 10 Euro or 12 USD for paper certificate, surface mailed.
Via Air Mail: 12 Euro or 14 USD.
- 5 Euro or 6 USD for electronic (JPEG) certificate, that you will print yourself.

IRC's does not accepted.
(Our post office refuses to receive IRC's ).

(Nota: pentru statiile YO si ER taxa de inscriere 50 lei pentru certificat de membru pe hartie si 30 lei pentru certificat electronic).

For sure, please send application and fees via Registered Mail with receiving confirmation.

Vasile Giurgiu

For my address please e-mail me.

How to send the fees via mail:
Place the fee between 2 QSL's or cardboards into an envelope and send it via Registered Mail with receiving confirmation.

Sending by simple letter without receiving confirmation, will be at your risk. High probability to lose.

For the safest way, send the fees via Western Union from any bank office. 
In some countries it can from post office.
In this case please send us via e-mail, the Tracking Number and your complete address.


You will receive a beautiful certificate of membership.

Any other info's:

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