"Telegrafia pentru radioamatorism, este ca sarea în bucate" "Amateur radio without telegraphy is a food tasteless"


yearly first Saturday and Sunday of December

TAC contest, wellknown by his first name,  TOPS Contest, is one of the oldest in the world.
First edition was held in 1947.
After the disappearance of TOPS Club, the contest went into decline.
At the end of 2006, our club decided to take this old and beautiful contest.
PRO-CW-Club organized the first edition in 2007 and starting 2010 we changed the rules allowing traffic in 5 bands.
In the years that followed, we tried to revive this contest.
We believe, that we managed to elevate the value chain and re-bring it to the attention of amateur radio operators. 

The tables below present evolution of our contest in recent years. (Click to enlarge).

Real number of participants was almost double, but unfortunately not all sent log.

A special contribution to this contest we have from YO2RR.     Thanks Nelu!

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