"Telegrafia pentru radioamatorism, este ca sarea în bucate" "Amateur radio without telegraphy is a food tasteless"

Honorary members

Honorary Members - POST MORTEM
To reminder a Romanian high-class CW operators, Contest-mens and DX-mens:

YO2ABW - Octavian Iovănuţ - contest-man, ex.chief of contest-station YO2KAB.
YO3AC - Andrei Giurgea - wellknown DX-man and contest-man.
YO3CR - Vasile Iliaş - contest-man and CW specialist.
YO3RF - George Craiu (Ex: YR5R), wellknown DX-man.
YO3RI - Ionel Pantea (ex. YR5I), CW operator and contest-man.
YO3ZA -  Dan Antoni - CW specialist
YO4AB - Marcel Iordănescu - CW specialist
YO4HW - Radu Bratu - contest-man, ex.chief of contest-station YO4KCA.
YO6BZH - Stefan Bolgar - CW specialist, DX-man and contest-man.
YO7DZ - Gheorghe Stănciulescu - CW operator
YO7BI - Constantin Dumitrescu - CW operator.
YO8BAM - Constantin Bălan - contest-man, ex.chief of contest-station YO8KAE.
YO8DD - Dumitru Dascălu (ex: CV5DD, YR5DD, YP5DD), CW specialist.

YO2ABW (foto-1972)

YO3AC (foto~1989)

YO3RF (foto-1980)

YO3RI (foto-1958)

YO3ZA (foto 2010)

YO4AB (foto-2010)

YO4HW (foto-2002)

YO6BZH (foto-1988)

YO8DD (foto-1972)

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