"Telegrafia pentru radioamatorism, este ca sarea în bucate" "Amateur radio without telegraphy is a food tasteless"

Q-Code for amateur radio

Q Code for amateur radio

   The Q-Code is a list of signals abbreviating a question or answer. The Q-Code as agreed by the International Telecommunication Union used worldwide on radio traffic.

QAHWhat is your height above sea level ?                  I am at .... (m/ft) height above sea level            
QAMWhat is the latest available meteorological observation ?Meteorological observation is...            
QAPShall I listen for you (or for ...) on .. (khz)?           Listen for me (or for...) on (khz)                      
QCXWhat is your full call sign?                                    My full call sign is ...                                        
QFAWhat is the meteorological forecast for ...             The meteorological forecast for ... is...              
QFEWhat is the present atmospheric pressure ?           The atmospheric pressure is...mm                     
QIFWhat frequency is ... using?                                   ... is using ... khz (or ... mhz.).                           
QLBWill you monitor ... station and report reqarding range, quality, etc.?I have monitored ... station and report as follows ...
QLHYou can use simultaneous keying on ...KHz and .KHz?I will now key simultaneously on ... KHz and ...KHz.
QRAWhat is the name (callsign) of your station?          The name (callsign) of my station is ...                
QRBHow far approximately are you from my station? The approximate distance between our station is 
QRDWhere are you bound and where are you from?  I am bound for ... from ...                                   
QREWhat is your estimated time of arrival at ...           My estimated time of arrival at ...(place) is ...     
QRFAre you returning to ... (place)?                            I am returning to ... (place) or Return to ...        
QRGWill you tell me my exact frequency?                   Your exact frequency is ... khz                         
QRHDoes my frequency vary?                                    Your frequency varies.                                     
QRIHow is the tone of my transmission?The tone of your transmission is 1. Good 2.variable 3. bad     
QRKWhat is the readability of my signals?                   The readability of your signals is ... (1 to 5).     
QRLAre you busy?                                                     I am busy. (or I am busy with ... )                    
QRMAre you interfered?                                            I am interfered...                                              
QRNAre you troubled by atmospheric noise?              I am troubled.                                                  
QROShall I increase power?                                       Increase power                                                
QRPShall I decrease power at.....watts                        Decrease power                                              
QRQShall I send faster?                                              Send faster (... wpm )                                      
QRRAre you ready for automatic operation?                I am ready for automatic operations at...           
QRSShall I send more slowly?                                     Send more slowly (... wpm)                             
QRTShall I stop sending?                                            Stop sending                                                    
QRUHave you anything for me?                                  I have nothing for you                                       
QRVAre you ready?                                                  I am ready.                                                       
QRWShall I inform ... that you are calling him on ...khzPlease inform ... that I am calling him on ... khz 
QRXWhen will you call me again?                               I will call you again at ...                                  
QRZWho is calling me?                                              You are being called by ...                               
QSAWhat is the strength of my signals ?                      The strength of your signals is ... (1 to 5).         
QSBAre my signals fading?                                         Your signals are fading.                                    
QSDIs my keying defective?                                      Your keying is defective.                                   
QSKCan you hear me between your signals?              I can hear you between my signals.                   
QSLCan you acknowledge receipt?                           I am acknowledging receipt                              
QSMShall I repeat the last message?                         Repeat the last message                                    
QSNDid you hear me on .. khz?                                I did hear you on ... khz                                    
QSOCan you communicate with ...                           I can communicate with ...                                 
QSPWill you relay to ...                                            I will relay to ..                                                  
QSQHave you a doctor there?                                 I have a doctor here...                                       
QSVShall I send a series of V's ?                             Send a series of V's                                           
QSWWill you send on this frequency  ... khz?          I am going to send on this frequency  ... khz        
QSXWill you listen to ... on ... khz (or Mhz)?           I am listening to ... on ... khz (or Mhz)                
QSYChange transmission on another frequency?      Change transmission on another frequency.         
QTACancel mesages?........                                    Cancel messages                                                 
QTCHow many messages have you to send?          I have ... messages for you                                   
QTHWhat is your position?                                    My position is ...                                                  
QTRWhat is the correct time?                                The correct time is ...                                           

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