"Telegrafia pentru radioamatorism, este ca sarea în bucate" "Amateur radio without telegraphy is a food tasteless"

Membership rules

PRO-CW-Club the first and only telegraphy club in Roumania, founded 1 January 2000.

 PRO - CW - Club is dedicated to preservation and encouragement the art of TELEGRAPHY  communications. Members my be, and are, welcome from all around the world.

FULL member: 
- any amateur radio which is in present or former professional CW radio operator in any services.
- any amateur radio that performed 2 QSOs in CW with 2 members. See list.

ASSOCIATE member: 
- any amateur radio which enjoy telegraphy.

Radioclubs and SWL's are welcome.

All applicants will be LIFE MEMBER.

- Some biographical data and a ham radio activity in CW.
Registration is free of charge.


You will receive a beautiful certificate of membership.

Any other info's:

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